What’s new for SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services in CTP3.1

After last month’s SQL Server Analysis Services 2016 CTP3 we are shipping yet again this month, with even more updates to Analysis Services. You can now upgrade your model to the SQL Server 2016 compatibility level, use the Visual Studio JSON editor to edit the Tabular BIM file and manage roles directly in SSDT. 

Upgrade a Tabular model to a SQL Server 2016 compatible model

Now with CTP 3.1 you will now be able to upgrade your existing models to the new 1200 compatibility level. This will allow you to leverage new functionality like bi-directional cross filtering and the new scripting language with your existing models.

To upgrade simply open your model into SSDT and change the compatibility lever to “SQL Server 2016 RTM (1200)”:

Your model is now upgraded to the latest compatibility level. The only caveat here is that your model cannot contain "pasted tables", this restriction will be lifted in a subsequent release.

Use the Visual Studio JSON editor for the BIM file

Last month we released a new modelling language for tabular models represented using JSON as part of SSDT for Visual Studio 2015. In CTP3 we opened the JSON inside an XML window, giving you a less optimal experience. With this CTP you will be able to work with the JSON document using the Visual Studio JSON editor:

You will now get JSON syntax coloring and syntax validation working inside the editor. 

In this CTP the Visual Studio JSON editor is only available when you have the free Visual Studio 2015 Community or a higher edition installed on your machine. If you don’t have any of these version of Visual Studio installed the JSON will be shown as text. AS soon as you install one of these Visual Studio version above the JSON editor will start to work, installation order doesn't matter.

Create roles in SSDT

In CTP3 creating roles in SSDT was disabled for tabular models in compatibility level 1200, in CTP 3.1 you can now create and manage roles directly in SSDT.

Download now!

To get started download SQL Server 2016 CTP3.1 here. The corresponding tools, SSDT November 2015 for Visual Studio 2015 can be downloaded here.

Stay tuned for more updates and awesome features in the coming months.