Hello people !                                            

At my first blog post I would like to introduce myself .

My name is Anastasia and I am an enthusiastic fresh graduate who works in MACH(Microsoft Academy for College Hires ) , a special Program from Microsoft.

I am currently in the CSS  division SQL Server Department . You might ask what this means ?

Well , if I have to describe it in a few I words , I could say that I learn how to make the impossible possible for our clients . I learn how to deal with critical SQL problems and how to balance my emotions in the communication with our customers .

This blog is meant to embrace two of my biggest passions : technology and writing.

My stories will be about :

  • SQL technology and how it can be used together with other technologies
  • Interesting facts about Microsoft MACH program and its talented participants

In the end , have a great day you all readers and keep in touch with my next posts.