Hi there!

Hi guys, my name's Andrea and I'm a member of Microsoft EMEA Distributed Services Team. We provide support for many MS technologies (COM+, WCF, WF, MSDTC, etc.), thus each one of us is specialized on some of them. My area mainly consists of web services: Windows Communication Foundation, .NET Remoting, ASP .NET web services.

In my daily job the typical issues I have to struggle with are quite varied, but I can tell they usually have something to do with interoperability with either third-party or older generation technologies, security, data serialization, performance, crash/hang/leak.

I worked for the MS EMEA Visual Studio Team till last year, and I had been supporting .NET Framework, both managed languages and not managed ones (C#, VB .NET, C++/CLI, C++), solving crash/hang/leak in customer applications, and obviously supporting the tool which gave the name to the team, 2003 and 2005 versions. Last but not least.. I’m very fond of C++ Smile

I'd like to share some interesting issues I face every day, and I do hope to be able to provide the related solution as well! Hot

Enjoy your staying here and.. do not spend too much time in front of your PC Tongue out