Microsoft Sync Framework > Google Gears

It looks like Microsoft Sync Framework has officially gone public and a lot of blogs on the Web started associating Microsoft Sync Framework with Google Gears: for example or This association is not correct - it's true that Microsoft Sync Framework enables offline scenarios for Web services, however it's important to understand that it also enables much more - unlike Google Gears which is just a browser extension new Microsoft Sync Framework is a complete multi-master synchronization platform which has the runtime and set of APIs which allow anyone implement something like Google Gears and even better - that application would be able to synchronize its data with any client, device or cloud/Web service which supports Microsoft Sync Framework. Moe has a great article in CoDe Magazine which explains how Microsoft Sync Framework has been conceived, implemented and what features it supports (such as built-in file sync, ASP.NET integration and Simple Sharing Extensions for RSS/Atom).