An Interesting VDI case, Holmes.

Last June I didi a series of interviews with Alun Rodgers of Risual about the cool stuff in Windows Server 2008. In one of these..


Alun is telling me about how Terminal Services (now known as Remote Desktop Services, RDS, in Windows Server 2008 R2) could be used to provide a secure desktop for police forces and the like.

This would mean that rather than having 2 separate systems on an officer’s desk, one for the classified network e.g. for Holmes (Home Office Large Major Enquiry System) and one for normal administrative duties, everything could be done over one network from one desktop. The upshot of this is that it saves a large pile of infrastructure, maintenance and running costs without compromising the integrity of any of the secure systems.

I did call this out again at the session that Jamie Burgess and I did on RDS at the Wembley tri-launch on 6th October. What I didn’t realise was that Alun had actually bought along Lancashire Police (the customer) to this event to talk about exactly this situation in the closing keynote session at the same event..


Ward Ralston with Colin Fizsimons & Michael Wood from Lancashire Police

If you couldn’t get there on the day, the videos and decks from that event can be found from these links..

There is also a case study that has been published about the work that Risual has done for Lancashire Constabulary.

Footnote: Alun is the AL bit of Risual, the others being RIchard Proud & SUe Denton ;they are a small but influential system integration partner.

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