Analysis Services debugging& tuning

I keep recommending IT Professionals to check out codeplex for the various samples that are on there to make life easier, but I haven’t been on there myself for a couple of weeks (doh!).  This site has largely taken the place of the resource kits that used to come out for use with Windows, SQL Server etc. Anyway the list of good stuff on there for analysis services is growing steadily, with a strong emphasis on management, testing and performance tuning:

  • Compress M2M C# Application
  • Methodology for Monitoring Analysis Services (V2)
  • Script for Creating a Processing Log File
  • PowerShell Scripts for Querying Analysis Services 2008 DMVs
  • AS Load Sim, including Load Testing Best Practices document
  • AS Query Generator
  • Load Test Reports
  • RSS Style Sheet
  • Activity Viewer
  • Aggregation Manager
  • AS Trace
  • Analysis Services Upgrade Verification Tool

As you can see from the surprisingly short licensing tab, this is all to be used 'as is' like the resource kits.

I am surprised at how few downloads there have been of these tools, I can sort of understand this for the new PowerShell utility as you need to be testing SQLK Server 2008 for that, but surely the ASTrace utility should be in use anywhere you are looking to improve the performance of large cubes.

So look good in front of your peers and try this stuff, and if you want to look really good post something up there for the rest of the community to use.

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