Application Platform Knowledge Hub

Albert Einstein once remarked that you don’t need to remember everything, you just needed to remember where to look.  When it comes to learning about Microsoft products this can sometimes be harder than it ought to be and what resources there are can be fragmented so you do have to remember where to look.  That’s why I have been trying to get you to remember look at the Microsoft Virtual Academy as that is a great learning resource for all things cloud including, Azure, Hyper-V and more recently System Center.  

However that resource is never going to have anything on the other technical love of my life, SQL Server, and getting up to speed on that is hard if only because it has been around for longer and you will want to learn about the version you have and possibly the version you would like to have. Until now that is because the some of my colleagues in the UK have  decided to do something about that and created the Application Platform Knowledge Hub.  A quick glance at the opening screen gives you the idea:


As you can see each topic (in my cases High Availability) has content for SQL Server 2005 through to SQL Server 2012, and is skill ranked as well so you can get as deep into a topic as you need to an also find that whitepaper to waggle under your managers nose that he’ll understand.

Like the Microsoft Virtual Academy there is also a section on Azure and because this is hub is about development there also some good resources on there about Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

So now you’ll only have remember where this portal is and all I’ll have to do is to remember I wrote this post!