Certified Genius

I am not one but I would like to be.  I do have the MCDBA qualification because in the days of SQL server 2000 that was the only microsoft qualification in my specialism which had an albeit optional  BI element to it. However I never upgraded to the new IT Professioanl exmas for 2 reasons: 

  • It took far too long for the new IT Professonal BI exams to appear after the launch of SQL server 2005
  • I really hate exams and I did manage to fail one of the four by a gnat's wing.

However you can always find reasons for not doing things so I am getting with the program and swotting up in my spare time.  One helpful thing I did notice if you are also doing this was that there is a double jeopardy offer called Second Shot in force so that if you have a moment of muppetry in the exam you get another go for free.  Eileen has already got her post out there on this (and she has a list of qualifications as long as your arm) but to summarise:

This is a limited offer so plan now!   If you register for the Second Shot offer starting September 15, 2007, prior to taking any exam, you will receive a free Second Shot exam if you don't pass on your first try.

Here's how it works:

  • Step 1 : Register for Second Shot on the Microsoft site and receive an exam voucher number.
  • Step 2 : Using the voucher number, schedule and pay for your initial exam via Prometrics's web site, call center  or test center locations.  (You must have the voucher number available prior to registering.)
  • Step 3 : Take your exam.
  • Step 4 : If you fail, register for your free retake exam via Prometric's web site, call center or test center locations using the same voucher number. NOTE:  Please wait one day after the failed exam to register to allow for test results to be entered into the system.

Like all good offers it won't be around forever, and with the nights drawing in you'll have something to do after work.


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