Normal Service has been resumed

I’ve just got back from 5 weeks off in NZ to celebrate my 50th lap of the sun, hence the guest posts on here recently. Just before I went away  the UK TechNet team setup  Tech Days Online


.. based on a chat Simon and I had about what 2011 holds for the IT Professional which you can watch here

We recognised that its hard for you to give up complete days of your time to come and learn this direct even if you manager signs of your expenses, so we thought 1 hour focused bite sized chunks on core topics woudl be the way to go. Simon has done a couple of sessions while I was away and my debut is next Tuesday (22nd Feb) on exactly what Microsoft’s Hyper-V cloud is.  The full list of events in this series is:

08 February The Modern Desktop

15 February Microsoft cloud for the IT Professional

22 February What is Hyper-V cloud

08 March Practical Deployment

15 March Creating Your Own Private Cloud

22 March Security integration with the cloud using Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS)

05 April Desktop Virtualisation

12 April Automation and the Private Cloud

19 April Managing the cloud

03 May Deployment with the Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack (MDOP)

10 May Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

17 May Office 365 for the IT Professional

07 June The Dynamic Duo, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7

14 June Mixing and moving services between the private and public cloud

21 June Governance Risk & Compliance in the cloud

We’ve put some clues in the videos to enable you to enter a competition to win some useful tech stuff like a Samsung 42inch plasma TV, Canon EOS 1000D camera and an LG DVD home cinema system, but the real value of these is to enable you to stay on top of Microsoft’s current thinking which should translate into being a more valuable member of your IT team. If you can’t make the dates then the registration pages will also give you access to the recording after the sessions.

Hopefully by Tuesday the jetlag will have worn off,  the email backlog will clear and the memory of these guys will still be fresh..