Reporting on spatial data in SQL Server 2008 R2

Report Builder 3 the latest version of the end user reporting tool in SQL Server 2008 R2  has built in support for Bing Maps and you can try this for yourself in the November CTP.

To help you along I have posted a 9 minute screencast to TechNet Edge and published a step by step guide here.  BTW don’t worry if you haven’t got any spatial data to hand as I have included guidance on how to get some.

My example simply shows the attendance at a few SQL Server events in the UK that I have been to..


..and is actually very straightforward. So an easy way to impress your boss or users in the many organisations that are becoming interested in understanding where things are happening.

Addendum 27th November.

I have just found out that you don't need to license Bing Maps if you you use Reporting Services as I have done here, i.e. for either aerial or the road view.  However you would have to have a license if you used Bing Maps in any other way outside of reporting services for business use.

You can access the license agreement for Bing Maps through the map control when you add the Bing Maps layer on a report