TechDays on Line 2015–it gets better



I have been out in Seattle for the last couple of weeks as a roving reporter for our upcoming TechDays Online 2015 and I have managed to get footage of some of the engineers who write the stuff we all use.  I have also been having coffee with some of them to make sure we can share the very latest thinking during the event whether that’s on enterprise mobility, on 3rd Feb, what we are doing with service management and automation on the 4th, and what Windows 10 means for developers on the 5th. 

Of course it’s no substitute for a ticket to Build (which has sold out anyway) or Ignite, but if you hate flying and look home comforts then there is no better way to stay up to date. than to tune in next week. 

Also be aware there is small army of experts both MVPs and our filed engineers online throughout the day so if you have questions and comments we will be get you answers right back to you on the side chat.

If that’s not enough then we are also giving away all sorts of stuff, but hopefully I don’t need to mention that as it’s all about the technology isn’t it (btw I bought my own Surface Pro 3 while I was out there as I  am not allowed to enter!)

so hopefully we’ll be able to virtually catch up, as there should be something over the three days that will catch your eye.


Neon sign in downtown seattle – @deepfat 2015