Windows 7 Press

I love reading real books and I love radio 4, but I don’t do newspapers or television, this is isn’t baby boomer bias, I am big into social media or you wouldn’t be reading this. 

If you saw windows on the BBC last week the journalist couldn’t wait to show you something else and the Metro and Telegraph advised you to wait.

So who’s right? well If the BBC is correct and so is the press then it’s all your fault, and let me explain why.  You know all those annoying send feedback and comments messages you see from Microsoft well it goes somewhere, so those people you see in the TV adverts on Windows 7 those were just a few  of the people whose suggestions got built into Windows 7. 

Also the amazing buzz around windows 7 isn’t some massive bot program, or Microsoft paying people to queue up and buy windows 7, it was you.  For example the twitter sphere and even the Register were massively of the “installed it , “liked it” etc. sort of thing and the odd reactionary was usually flamed instantaneously by his peers.

So who’s right you, or the press and TV? – only time and having used Windows 7 for a year now I would say it would be you.

Finally if you have been using the Windows 7 beta (RC) , I would say there are a couple of issues with it , for example I noticed that HomeGroups wasn’t completely implemented, and so you should move away from it to the proper (RTM) version. 

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