Windows Server 2012 IT camps

I have been out in the US for the past four weeks, and during my absence the rest of the UK TechNet team have filled my diary with various events including the next series of IT camps.  These camps will all be  on Windows Server 2012 specifically around how virtualisation changes in this release not just with Hyper-V but other supporting technologies such as SMB 3, Networking, Active Directory and of course Powershell.

The dates and venues for these camps are:

London, 07 September – Cardinal Place


Southampton, 13 September – De Vere New Place


Manchester, 18 September – The Lowry Hotel


Birmingham, 19 September – Etc Venues, Maple House


London, 26 September – Novotel London West


London, 28 September – Etc Venues, One Drummond Gate


If you have been on one of our camps before you will have got the idea that these are designed to be interactive:

  • It’s very informal and is for smaller groups
  • You get to set the details of the agenda
  • You can participate if you have a laptop - it can’t have bitlocker or other drive encryption enabled and should have 25Gb of space and support Hyper-V.
  • We will only use PowerPoint to share links, scripts and not as something we simply read from.
  • You don’t need to know too much about Hyper-V, but you should be familiar with server virtualisation in some form.

Separate to this is the launch event for Windows Server 2012 on 25th September which like our camp on 26th September is at the Novotel in Hammersmith. How does this event differ from a camp?  The launch event is a larger scale affair where the agenda is set, the content is at a higher level for a wider audience and runs along similar lines to our other TechDays and launch events we have always done.  You could of course go to both and that might be a good thing as the launch event will brief on the why and the what of Windows Server 2012 while at the camp we delve more into the how.

All of these events will fill up fast so you’ll need to book yourself in now, and please, please let us know if you can’t come, not only does it hep us plan but also allows those on our waiting lists to come along.