Publisher: Programming Made Easy Article Now Live

The first of my five part series, ‘Programming Microsoft Office Publisher Made Easy’ went live yesterday. The series consists of five lessons aimed at users who have never coded before, and want some from-the-ground-up assistance in writing powerful, flexible macros using the Publisher object model.

Here’s a list of the content and tentative publish dates for the five articles:

Lesson One (now live)

· Writing your first macro

· Macro security settings

· Sub procedures

Lesson Two (now live)

· Object-oriented programming

· Object variables

· Method parameters

· Creating event handlers

Lesson Three (now live)

· Creating dialog boxes

· If…Then statements

· Data variables

Lesson Four (now live)

· Object collections

· For Each…Next loops

· Nesting code statements

· Indenting code

Lesson Five (November 2nd)

· Return types

· Using the Object Browser

· Using the online help

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