SharePoint Beta 2: Enterprise Content Management Samples Now Online

If you're interested in extending the enterprise content management features in Office SharePoint Server 2007, take note: we've just released the Enterprise Content Management Starter Kit on MSDN.

This download is a great grab-bag full of information and examples of the extensible ECM features included in Office Server 2007. Among the sample code projects are examples of custom:

· Document Inspector modules

· Record repository routers

· Record repository Web Service application

· Search and process tools

· Multiple flavors of custom workflows, including: sequential and state workflows, custom workflow activities, multi-stage and replicating workflows, and workflow modifications.

So if you want sample projects for the ECM features, chock full of tips, tricks and best practices straight from the product team, this one's for you.

Just as important, if you plan on rolling your own workflows for the SharePoint environment, are the two Visual Studio workflow project templates included in the download. These project templates are designed to get you up and coding SharePoint workflows with a minimum of fuss: they include references to the necessary SharePoint namespaces, as well as having the SharePoint-specific workflow activities included on the designer Toolbox. One is for creating workflows for Windows SharePoint Services V3; the other, for workflows you plan to use in SharePoint Server 2007.


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