Carter-Lippert VSTO Book Updated

The eagerly-awaited update to Eric Carter and Eric Lippert’s VSTO book has been released this week. This is the definitive guide to Visual Studio Tools for Office, and this edition targets development for Excel, Word and Outlook 2007 using Visual Studio 2008. Eric and Eric have done another excellent job, and the book weighs in at 1055 pages – jam-packed with in-depth insights into VSTO development. The ToC looks like this:

Part I – An Introduction to VSTO

1. An Introduction to Office Programming

2. Introduction to Office Solutions

Part II – Office Programming in .NET

3. Programming Excel

4. Working with Excel Events

5. Working with Excel Objects

6. Programming Word

7. Working with Word Events

8. Working with Word Objects

9. Programming Outlook

10. Working with Outlook Events

11. Working with Outlook Objects

Part III – Office Programming in VSTO

12. The VSTO Programming Model

13. Using Windows Forms and WPF in VSTO

14. Working with Document-Level Actions Panes

15. Working with Application-Level Custom Task Panes

16. Working with Outlook Form Regions

17. Working with the Ribbon in VSTO

18. Working with Smart Tags in VSTO

19. VSTO Data Programming

20. Server Data Scenarios

21. ClickOnce Deployment

…what are you waiting for – go get a copy!