Exciting PDC Session

Under the Hood: Advances in the .NET Type System
This is one session you absolutely must not miss. It looks pretty innocuous, but it's actually a very big deal. This talk is an in-depth examination of some of the enhancements we're making in CLR v4.0 (and in the C# and VB language compilers) to support shared-type scenarios. These include scenarios where you have multiple managed assemblies that need to talk to each other through some shared interfaces, as well as native-managed interop scenarios - the classic example of which is managed add-ins to Office applications. We'll look at how these changes help to simplify versioning and deployment of components targeting either COM based and/or fully managed applications. For Office developers, this provides the ability to eliminate the need to redistribute PIAs. The speaker is everyone's favorite VSTO developer, Misha Shneerson. As always, PDC is the place to go for information that you cannot get anywhere else. It's likely Misha will post some sample code on his blog after the event - but if you really want to get the inside scoop, please sign up for PDC!

You can look up the session on the PDC site here. Note that the final schedule for all sessions is not yet available, but should be published early next week. Look out for it here.

[Updated Oct-07]