A few blogs to read...

I was in one of the Microsoft cafeterias earlier this week and saw a guy with a plain black t-shirt that had white lettering that simply said: "no one reads my blog". I thought it was hilarious. Once you start a blog, that clearly defines the anxiety you experience – "I just posted something really interesting – I hope someone actually reads it". All you can do is post and hope.

Here are some interesting blogs I’ve been reading lately.

Steven Sinofsky continuously blogs about what it is like to work at Microsoft. His blog is oriented towards college grads and recruiting. He’s inspired me to think about blogging my thoughts on working at Microsoft – I’ll try and get to that soon. He has a great entry about the weather in Seattle, which is a favorite love-hate topic of mine. If you like the outdoors, Seattle is an amazing place – but I really miss the lack of drama in the local weather. Tornadoes, sub-zero temperatures, blizzards – that type of thing keeps you on your toes, but you don’t get that around here.

Chris Pratley blogs about OneNote. I wanted to point to his blog, simply because OneNote is an awesome application. In fact I think it is one of the best new applications written by Microsoft in years. If you are a little un-structured in your thinking (like I am) where you like to take a lot of notes, scribbles, etc before you go on to write a formal structured doc – this app is for you. If you have a lot of pain taking notes in meetings - OneNote is your drug.

Also, if you haven’t seen the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang…go see it.