In Philly

AIIM time is here.  A 4.5 hour flight took over 6 hours as we spun over farm fields forever before landing in Philly.  A long trip, but finally here.  Had a big dinner at Magiannos (amazing tiramisu).  Lots of guessing about what the show will be like.  It's been more than 6-10 years since any of us have actually had 'booth duty' at a show from dawn till dusk (I guess we have a bunch of old guys here).  We traded war stories and guessed at what the week will be like.  Will the Microsoft booth be mobbed?  Probably.  How many times will we get asked the obvious 'question'?  How will we seperate the 'real' customers from the curious people who just want to see what is going on with Microsoft. 

I'll try and blog about each days experience.  Tomorrow is setup day.