.NET Framework 3.0 is Released

Sort of Chapter 1 of a 3-part release of the innovation we have been working on for the last 4 or so years. 

Chapter 1 - .NET 3.0.  Contains all of the XPS and OPC document APIs, XPS Viewer and XPS print driver and runs on Windows XP (built into Windows Vista).  It is out today and you can download it here.

Chapter 2 - Release of Office 2007 that contains their new file format based on OPC packaging and XPS 'Save-As' support.  Office 2007 RTM'd last week, with release coming at the end of the month.

Chapter 3 - Release of Windows Vista.  Part A - Business release before end of year, Part B - Consumer release in January.  Contains of course all of our XPS/OPC, Printing, Scanning, Color and Fax innovations we have made over the last several years.  Read the product guide for details on the individual features.