New D2 Newsletter and WinHEC slides

A new D2 newsletter hit the stands today.  If you are still not getting the newsletter please go  subscribe.  Lots of material in the newsletter.  One of the topics is that we re-cover the changes we are making due to Adobe's threats.  No new changes to report. What I posted before on the subject is what we are doing.  Overall, the press and more importantly the customers who are posting their opinions on websites and blogs, are overwhelming stating their disappointment with the situation.  Some nut jobs of course come out and predict deep conspiracy theories, but those seem to be pretty rare.  In general, the simplest explanation is usually right.  We are trying to provide functionality that are customers are asking for, Adobe is asking us not to do that. Nothing deeper at play than that.

Slides from our presentations at WinHEC went live this week.  Links to slides on printing and color are here.

- Andy