RC1 is out

RC1 of .NET 3.0 and Windows Vista has shipped.  If you are a beta tester for Vista you already should have access to the released bits.  Anyone can download .NET 3.0 from here. .NET 3.0 contains the latest bits of Windows Presentation Foundation and of course the platform APIs for XPS and the XPS viewer.  Also - the XPS print driver is available in the package as well, so you essentially have everything you need in .NET 3.0 to create, program and view XPS documents.

You may have noticed that my blog is not as active as of late.  We are in ship-mode, fixing bugs, putting out fires and starting a little bit of work on 'what's next' for the team.  So not a lot of news for me to report on, but rest assured the team is working its' behind off to get this product shipped.

In the news, Software Imaging has announced an SDK for XPS print drivers.  Read about it here.