Seen and Noted

A few things to note: 

  1. A very cool white-board demo you have to see.  Posted on Nils van Boxsel's blog (who has a lot of interesting things up on his blog).
  2. I noticed that Adobe has announced a new project called 'Mars'.  It seems to be essentially a PDF replacement using XML, SVG and ZIP:  "Mars documents can be created by using XML components representing pages and the overall document structure and then combining them in a Zip package using off-the-shelf XML and ZIP tools".   Sound familiar?  Normally I wouldn't comment on such things, but given the never ending questions we get about XPS being a 'me too' document format, and how much we have educated the industry about the benefits of a document format 'really' being built using open standards like XML and ZIP - it is nice to see such a pure validation of our approach.  All of us in Bldg 2 are deeply flattered.
  3. We announced a few weeks back about XPS going to a standards body.  There were some articles in the last week or so quoting a Microsoft executive that said we were not doing that.  That was not accurate - he was ill-informed.  We are still planning on taking XPS to a standards body.
  4. Retail Packaging for Windows Vista and Office 2007 has been revealed.  Check it out at the Windows Vista Blog.  Looks very cool.

- Andy