What's going on?

A few random updates.  But 1st, I mentioned putting up a picture of the spec.  Here it is in its' baby-blue splendor:

The 'spec'

Will these internally printed copies be worth anything at some point?  Something about it seems more valuable than the boring bits and bytes representation up on the web.  Maybe if it is signed by the people who designed it?  Would it get $4 on e-bay?  Well, some people outside of bldg 2 now have copies.  We had a plug-fest last week that was attended by 22 hardware and software vendors that are actively building XPS solutions and we gave them all a physical copy of the spec.  It was amazing seeing the collaboration going on - people exchanging test files, working with each other, finding bugs.  Not like some boring plugfest for a typical standard (like USB 2.0) - but a plugfest on something that is completely voluntary to implement - something brand new - something that will have impact on the participating companies business.  We are so close. In fact, close enough that I finally booked my post-Vista vacation to the Big Island in December.  Bugs are slowly going down, quality is great, we are going to ship. 

If you want to seeem some cool, hidden-gems on what Vista can do, go visit Tim Sneath's blog.  He's got a running list of cool Vista features, some I had no idea existed.  Check it out.

- Andy