Windows Phone “App to the Future” Design Challenge

Happy New Year to everyone!

We start 2013 with a Windows Phone competition that is being run by Core77, Inc. and Microsoft.

Now You Can Change the Future
Challenge ends February 3, 2013

Design an app for Windows Phone that showcases how to create, connect or impress the pants off your future self. Apps are a way to take control of your day-to-day life. Today they help you wake up, dress, commute, stay on top of news and reach the important people in your life throughout the day, and at their best they help you do things the way YOU want to do them. But what more could your apps do for you tomorrow?

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A Microsoft Surface TabletSurfacea Windows Phone 8 device  Windows Phone device and a one year subscription to the Windows Phone DEV CENTER.

App to the Future is an app design competition open to the international design community, challenging entrants to design and mockup conceptual apps for the Windows Phone platform to help with their day-to-day challenges, better connect with their family or friends, or showcase an innovative, new app idea. The goals of Core77 and Microsoft are to showcase and triumph innovative designs through the Core77 Design Network of websites and the Microsoft Windows Phone Store and related websites such as Channel 9. Top winning entrants will be further encouraged to develop and sell their app in the Windows Phone Store utilizing prizes, resources and assistance provided by Core77 and Microsoft.