Can your business expose its products and services to be found and requested by a smart agent?

This week Microsoft unleashed a Bot Framework for creating intelligent bots. It doesn’t take a leap of imagination to see a future where smart bots can help people do more with less effort and greater impact. It’s going to take some time and there will probably be some learning opportunities along the way… but we’ve started. People in masse are now thinking about “what would I want from a smart bot”.

“Could it review my schedule and see that I have free time, know that I’m near my favorite burger joint and ask me if I want a burger?” Further, if I said yes, could it order the burger with all the trimmings just the way I like and a milk shake so that when I arrive it’s all waiting for me?”

Here’s the real question: What is your business doing right now to ensure that its prepared to thrive in this future world of smart agents? Are you preparing to disrupt your future competition or get left behind?

Here’s the crux of the challenge: Can your business expose its products and services to be found and requested by a smart agent? If not, you might want to start thinking about it.

Technology is moving crazy fast and society is quick to follow. Even more, newer generations think and act on a different socio-economic framework. How are you going to learn, adapt and execute on the business opportunities as they appear? Could your business bring any new ideas to market quickly enough to make a difference? (question: how has it done so far in making fast changes?) Would it even be able to see new opportunities for customers it has never served (but might be best to serve in the future)?

This new digital future is going to require new tools and new ways of working. Some of the key aspects are:

  • Customer centricity – obsessing about the customer’s pains and needs are.
  • Cross Industry Pollination – adapting ideas from other industries for your industry
  • Agile – use an agile approach to hack your way forward. The waterfall ways of the past or 3 year initiatives to realize change won’t work anymore.
  • People, Process & Tech – you’ll need to change how people work in the future, just adding tech won’t help you.

These are the types of topics typically found around Digital Business Transformation. How will your business need to transform in order to survive and thrive?