10 Years in the USA

When I arrived here, ten years ago today:
I was single
I was childless
I had lived in tiny house in Milton Keynes, England
That house contained no actual PCs, but it did have a computer with a 1200 baud modem
I had two email accounts (on BIX and CIX)
I had recently owned a right hand drive car
I had worked on products used by thousands of customers
I pronounced words like bee-ta, tom-aaah-tow, ban-ar-na
I had been happy with local gun law: "no guns allowed"
I had been paying about 53p/litre for petrol (translation: US $3 for a US gallon), which was expensive

Now, ten years later:
I am happily married (to an American)
I have one lovely child with another on the way
We live in a house that could accomodate most of my Milton Keynes house in the garage
The house has five PCs, sharing a 1.5M DSL connection to the internet
I have an infinite number of email accounts
We have plethora of left hand drive cars
I have worked on products used by millions of customers
I pronounce words like bey-da, tom-ay-da, ban-aaaaan-na
I am alarmed by local gun law: "no gun laws allowed"
I am paying $2.80 for a US gallon of gas, which is still cheap (contrary to what most natives think): in the UK it is currently over $6/US gallon

In summary, moving to the USA was the best thing I ever did. Its not perfect, but if you are gainfully employed it is a great country to live in.