Blu-ray fails to overtake DVD as many predicted

Two years ago Disney predicted that Blu-ray sales would overtake DVD in two years. Like pretty much every prediction about Blu-ray this hasĀ failed to occur. In fact the studios have actually reduced the number of BDs they are producing: this year there are actually 10% less BD titles released than in the preceeding 12 months (source: DVD Release Reports). Additionally a similar reduction in the number of titles also afflicts DVDs too.

Current sales numbers indicate that DVD sales continue to slow, and BD sales slowly rise. However DVD still sell boat-loads more than BD, and for many reasons (not just because I refuse to buy any).

Think of these predictions when you read the same folks predicting how huge 3D BD will be.

In other news, Netflix streaming video is claimed to take 20% of internet bandwidth in the USA. Related? You be the judge.