C# breakpoint troubles in VS 2003 : Work in progress

I put my blog Contact page on a few newsgroup postings as we are seeing some strange reports of breakpoints not working in managed code. By not working I don't mean in specific scenarios, but not working at all, under any circumstances.

I am working with one particular customer who, right now, has to uninstall and reinstall the Framework every few days to get breakpoints to work. We have made some progress (we know what is being destroyed in the registry) but not how or why.

Other customers have contacted me through the blog with other breakpoint issues, most of which are most likely user confusion. When things get a bit less mad here I will wrote some blog entries on how to diagnose common breakpoint issues. One thing that I am not is a full-time support person, so apologies to those of you who have written and expected an individual reply. I will try to cover your issues on this blog in due course.

My priority right now is to discover how breakpoints can get globally, and permanently disabled on customers machines, and to fix it. Please bear with me.