Class Action Lawsuits: What a Waste of Time!

I just got an email announcing a settlement for a Netflix class action lawsuit. If I sign up, I get one extra DVD in my rental queue, for one month. Woop de woo. I'm dancing in my chair.

If I read the settlement right, I see the defendent gets $2000, and the defendent's lawyer gets $2,528,000.

This is probably the fifth class action lawsuit that I have "won" in the ten years I have lived in the USA. Not one of them was worth a damn to anyone except the lawyers.

There are probably, somewhere, class action lawsuits for good causes where people really suffered something and got a decent amount of cash in response. However for each one of those, there must be thousands or tens of thousands of piddling class action lawsuits like this one.

I won't be signing up to receive this "benefit", needless to say. I love Netflix and would rather they spend their time (and money) on something I would actually benefit from.

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