Letter to DirecTV: You have a month to show the new TiVo or I'm going to Fios TV

As a happy TiVo customer since 1999 I and a reasonably happy DirecTV customer since 2000 I've been anxiously awaiting the new DirecTV TiVo. However its been a while since I've heard anything about it, and now I'm pissed. My existing DirecTV HD TiVo can't do MPEG4, which wouldn't be so bad except DTV keep moving HD channels from MPEG2 to MPEG4. The final straw was Showtime HD, which used to be on Channel 71. When my always-reliable TiVo missed the season openers of Dexter and Californication I went to see why and discovered that 71 is something else entirely now, and Showtime HD is now MPEG4. Only.

Literally every week Verizon send me a begging letter to get Fios TV (I've had Fios internet for several years). In a months time I am going to take them up on whatever offer they have unless I see some sign of a new TiVo for DirecTV by then. Going to Fios means I can get a cablecard Tivo HD and I can get all the channels I want in HD. (Well almost: BBC America isn't in HD anywhere except New York apparently). Obviously I won't be getting a Fios-DVR, for the same reason I returned the DirecTV-DVR I briefly had, as I want a real TiVo, not a poor imitation.

I have a bad history and an irrational feeling towards cable companies (Comcast in my case) so they are not an option, though of course I can use the same TiVo as with Fios if I did ever go to the Dark Side.

So DTV: get it together and ship something very soon, or else.