Matrix coming to HD DVD (only)

At last: on May 22 we get the Matrix on HD DVD, according to

Remember when The Matrix was released on DVD? It was pretty advanced in its day, so I'm expecting a similar step forward for the HD DVD version. 

Of course no stand-alone Blu-Ray player can do secondary video playback, so the IME (In Movie Experience) that the Matrix uses cannot possibly work, which I assume is why there will be no BD release any time soon. Every HD DVD player can do secondary video playback, and HD DVD titles have been using it since Bourne Supremacy which was released almost a year ago.

The Toshiba HD A2 MSRP is $399 as of April 1st according to the OneCall catalog I got in the mail this week, so you can use the money you save buying an HD DVD player over a BD one to get the Matrix, plus of course you get five free movies with the players too.

HD DVD: cheaper players, and more advanced interactivity than BD. Why pay more for less?