My Theory about HD Tivo problems: Turn off Suggestions

You may remember back in October when I kind of lost it about TiVo, as it was misbehaving badly. Well DirectTV replaced my hardware, though I still believe the core issue to be a software one. I re-entered all my Season Passes into the new box (I should be able to copy them to a server then copy them back to my new machine) and all was good again. For a couple of months anyway.

Last week I got the "No Control" problem again: the UI (and the buttons on the front) ignored all input, though everything else seemed ok. I had to hard reboot to get control back.

I wasn't about to waste my time calling DTV as I still believe it to be a software problem, so I formed this theory: my 250G hard drive is full again, so the UI is crapping out. Hard to say for sure as there is no UI to tell me what disk space is free, so I counted the number of screens of programs in Now Playing. I had 18 screens total, 11 of which were requested recordings, the other 7 were Suggestions.

My fix was to delete all Suggestions except 10 eps of Seinfeld, and to turn off Suggestions. So far this has worked fine: no more UI problems, and the 10 remaining Suggestions are there so I can tell when disk space is getting tight, my theory being the UI will begin crapping out once those recordings get replaced.