Visual Studio Breakpoint Helper

I have created a prototype Breakpoint Helper that deals with the most common issues that Visual Studio Debugger users have when their breakpoints don't work. This is only a prototype, but I hope people will still find it useful.

If the feedback is promising I can try to get it integrated into VS2005.

If you have any comments on the helper itself, please use the Feedback section on this post. If you found it useful, I'd like to know. If it didn't help you, I also want to know, and please include the page name where it stopped being useful.

Please note I don't really want this post to become a 'here is my breakpoint problem please solve it' type of thing, as I cannot handle the volume and don't personally have all the expertise (especially ASP.NET issues). I really want people to try the helper and let me know where it has holes, is confusing, or unhelpful.