Visual Studio Key Bindings : why do we do change them?

Every new release of Visual Studio comes with changed key bindings. Excuse me, “better” key bindings, as the designers would have you believe.

I don't buy it. I still use the VC2 key binding set, because for me F8 is Step Into. We should never have switched to F11, and the person who made this call (Jim, why don't you have a blog?) has been admitting that was a huge mistake for a few years now. I am almost alone among the debugger team for still using F8, but I will continue to do so while the key continues to exist on my keyboard.

I was prompted to post this from recent VS 2005 beta usability testing where several users were complaining about this, and one even thought the product was broken because 'it didnt work' due to the binding changes.

What do you, the users, really think? Should we change the key bindings to make them better, or should we just leave them well alone? We do at least allow you to switch to older, 'classic' sets, which even includes Brief nowadays, and you can fully customize the keys if you have the inclination. Its the default behavior that bugs me.