What am I working on? iHD, that's what

So what have I been working on that I haven't been able to blog about? iHD, that's what! Its the interactivity layer for the next generation DVD format, and I'm really excited by HD-DVD, with its greatly improved picture quality, capacity, and of course interactivity. Now that Microsoft has officially announced our position, I can at least tell you this much.

I get to work on something that I am personally psyched about (HD video stuff), that has the potential to impact more people worldwide than even Microsoft Windows (in 2003 there were 250 million DVD players in the world), plus I get to do real coding nowadays (none of that pesky management stuff).

Of course I can't really tell you that much more: some Microsoft groups are very public with their plans (Windows, Visual Studio, SQL Server), but others are very secretive, and my group falls into the latter category, for the moment anyway. Our group is expanding at a serious rate and we are still looking for good, smart people , so if you really want the full scoop, come join us! [The Search feature on the Jobs site is too primitive to get me an exact result: this link is the best I can do, you'll need to trawl through the results to find our group]

So now you know. A little bit anyway.