Xbox 360 HD DVD Version List

Here I will try and document the various releases of the Xbox 360 HD DVD player, in reverse chronological order. Major releases are in bold (a major release either has new features or has a boat-load of changes, minor releases are pure bug fixes). To see which version you have, while playing a disc press Display then select the ? icon. Note that Dashboard releases are separate from the HD DVD player, and done by the Xbox team not the HD DVD team.

2.0.5127 (Apr 08)

  • New Feature: audio/video streaming. EVO files can be read from http(s) addresses
  • Fixed issue with several HDNet titles hanging
  • Fixes for DTS sub-audio
  • Fixed issues in titles Lee Ritenour: Overtime, Les Bronzes, The Break Up and All the Goals

 2.0.4645 (Dec 07)

  • Network download performance got a substantial improvement
  • Fixes hang when saving bookmarks on a few network titles when connected to the network (e.g. Transformers, Evan Almighty, Heroes)
  • Fixes Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix problems playing with the IME enabled
  • Fixes spurious "There was a problem with licensing for this content" error on a few titles (the issue had nothing to do with licensing FYI)

2.0.4641 (Nov 07)

  • Networking fixes
  • Improved title compatibility (e.g. Hot Fuzz C667000A error).

2.0.4636 (July 07)

  • Networking fixes only

2.0.4634 (June 07)

  • Networking fixes only

2.0.4629 (May 07)

2.0.4248 (Nov 06)

  • First update.


  • Original release.

In addition all versions usually contain fixes for yet-to-be-released titles. For general troubleshooting with the drive, as well as how to update your player version, go here.