Zune in my Boxster: Part 2

I've been enjoying my Zune installation for a while now, but I had one thing that bugged me: operating the touchpad with the player mounted in the ashtray was a bit tricky when stationary, but very tricky when moving. It was also time to post some pictures of my handiwork.

Zune in ashtray

Fortunately Soundgate have now released a remote control for their Zune car kit, called the Remcore, so I got myself one. Fitting it was easy enough: open up my dashboard (for the last time I hope) and insert the plug into the socket on the Soundgate box. Harder than that was deciding where to put the control: it had to be easily accessible while driving. After a little experimentation I chose a spot on the "batwing" - a dashboard pieceĀ at the front of the center console so nicknamed due to its shape. This also allowed me to run the cable without having to drill any holes in anything. The remote comes with a little bracket that allows it to be removed and handed to passengers, I guess, as it has a long cable attached. As I can carry a maximum of one passenger, and they are sitting right next to me, I didn't use the bracket and instead stuck the remote directly onto the plastic with double-sided tape.

In Use

(Note in the picture the Remcore is the all-black control to the left: the silver switch in the center of the batwing is for my hands-free bluetooth kit). With the ashtray closed, the stealthy nature of the install is clear:

Stealth Zune

In use it is great: I can easily control play/pause/next/prev without taking my eyes of the road or even opening the ashtray to try and see the screen. If I want to change my music selection (when stationary) then I pop open the ashtray and navigate around. The remote takes a little getting used to as the middle button is play/pause and the top right button is equivalent to the middle of the touchwheel, but I can live with that. If I had more time and skill I would probably try and craft a nice tinted window in the lid of the ashtray so that I could see the screen without even opening it and yet keep it invisible when turned off. However I have neither required attribute.