2 Chicago Visual Studio ALM User Group Meetings in February, w00t!!

So you may have heard that I rebooted the Chicago Visual Studio ALM User Group with my good friends at Polaris Solutions.  Really, they are good friends whom I have known for most of my technical career.  Be sure to say hi to them at the next meeting Smile  Anyway, the “Agile Modeling in Visual Studio 2010” with Gary Pedretti session that we held this month was great, and we are doing it again in the burbs to make sure it reaches as many people as possible.  So if you missed the Chicago edition, be sure to check this one out.  Besides, how often do you see a Spinal Tap video as part of a tech presentation and have it be COMPLETELY RELEVENT?  Seriously, it’s hilarious, and truly relevant to the topic.  Here is an excerpt from that meeting, just to get your interest sparked:

We will start with a quick discussion of the history of UML, agile development, and modeling tools in the Microsoft word. Then we will cover the basics of UML modeling with VS 2010, covering class, layer, dependency graph, and sequence diagrams. Finally, we will talk about establishing an agile modeling and development workflow with forward and reverse engineering using the Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack.

Spark your interest? What, really? No, read it again cause it’s very good stuff!! Oh, you were kidding, and you’re even bringing friends to the meeting too.  Good.  So, while you are signing up for our regularly scheduled meeting on February 9th, check this out:  I also have 2 very special guests coming on February 16th t0 talk about the VS 2010 Developer Productivity Tools and VS Ultimate and TFS 2010.  The second meeting will be held at the Aon Center in downtown Chicago.  You MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED for the Aon Center event (OMG!11!!!) to even get past security so please, please register.  Otherwise they call up to me, interrupt the meeting, and make me come down to escort you up personally.  It’s lame that they do, but now you’ve been warned.  Here’s a bit more info on that one:

Visual Studio 2010 is packed with new and enhanced features to help you create the best code possible and simplify your entire development process from design to deployment. Microsoft experts will show off the powerful new tools that Visual Studio 2010 brings to your tool box. Zain and Clint will talk about the feature packs, power tools, developing, debugging, and new features across the board of Visual Studio 2010

So, we’re giving you a double dose of VS 2010 awesomeness in February.  Two Wednesday’s in a row! Check out the website for more details and to sign up while there is still room! http://chicagoalmug.org/