Another Shameless Plug for Thirsty Developer and MDC

Why?  Because I keep showing up on them silly! :)  I have to admit, I am more than a little amused at how I can now search for myself on-line (using Windows Live Search of course!) and get more than 3 hits, LOL.


Microsoft Developer's Conference

So MDC is almost completely sold out, and we are so pumped to be able to bring the best of PDC live to you in Chicago.  I am extremely excited to be able to bring everyone the Lap Around VSTS 2010 content.  You'll even get your hands on the Beta bits for Windows 7, as soon as it is available that is (might not be at the MDC event but you WILL get one).


Something else I will be doing at the MDC is participating in the Women Build event, which is open to everyone, even the boys!  Check it out, it is no additional cost if you are already signed up for the conference.  Here are some more details in case you have not heard of it yet:

Lego SeriousPlay WomenBuild workshop at the MSDN Developer Conference!

  1. Open to both MEN and WOMEN
  2. FREE to anyone registered for MDC ($99 registration fee)
  3. WomenBuild will consist of a series of Lego workshops, multimedia presentations, and discussions that will run at the MSDN Developer Conference events from 10:30am – 4:30pm. If you are interested in participating, please register for MDC using the RSVP code “MDCWIT”.
  4. All attendees will receive a Lego SeriousPlay WomenBuild kit!

Thirsty Developer

I had also forgotten to blog about the "Women in Technology" episode I recorded with some of my awesome DPE counterparts (Beth Humphreys, Jennifer Marsman, and Rachel McKane).  The Thirsty Developer is a great way to keep up with current technology AND hear some really amusing live interviews by Larry Clarkin and Dave Bost.  Here are the 2 that I was featured in:

Women in Technology:

VSTS 2010:


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