Azure “How Do I?” Videos

I happen to absolutely <3 *love* <3 our “How Do I?” series of videos.  It is harder and harder these days to keep up with technology, and I don’t have time to read books or attend training for every new cool thing I want to learn about.  The HDI video series gives me digestible, bite-sized snippets on the important features of almost every technology I want to learn about.  It’s an amazing, free way to get up to speed on our latest and greatest, and in some cases on our not even released technologies.  The latest set of HDI videos that I have run across are around our new Azure technology. 


What is Azure? Don’t ask me, I haven’t watched the videos yet, LOL.  From what I have seen from our Architect Evangelists, it is a really cool way to leverage “the cloud” for delivering services and data, and something I should definitely know how to do.


Here is a quick set of of my favorite “How Do I ?” videos

Absolute Beginners (VS Express):



Azure Services: 


Other Azure Services Videos


Sites you MUST (*now*, go do it) visit if you want to know more about Azure


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