BlogHer, BlogHer Everywhere! What Sessions are YOU Attending?

So, at first, I really thought BlogHer was just a big party for all the women bloggers out there who want to connect and have fun. And in a sense it is. There’s nothing wrong with that, as a matter of fact, it’s about freaking time! But they also have some kick ass sessions on work-life balance, effective blogging, some excellent networking opportunities (and not the kind that make you feel slimy afterwards), and yes, some great parties.  And you get swag. LOTS and lots of swag. And GOOD swag too. Here, my BlogHer 2011 roommate and friend Jen Hajer talks about what she got last year, it’s ASTONISHING:  Anyway, I’ve been so busy with everything else going on with work this year that until now I haven’t sat down to really look through the session list and pick what I want to attend. I’ll try not to rant too much about the fact that they only have apps for the iPhone and Android for perusing the sessions and planning your trip ::grumbles::  Anyway, I need to have that info somewhere handy, so I figured I’d blog about it. Then I have an easy reference, and might give some other folks some ideas about sessions THEY might want to attend.  So, here we go:

Basic BlogHer session schedule: and a VERY detailed and complete conference schedule:

Day –1 – Wednesday August 4th

  • Jen and Angela descend upon San Diego
  • Dinner with the mysterious @BlogDangerously, creator of #WineParty

Day 0 – Thursday August 4th

  • Sleep in, eat donuts
  • Jen and Angela take on San Diego! Still not sure what we’re doing yet but it will involve trolleys, ice cream and shopping.
  • 6pm – BlogHer Exposition Center

Day 1 – Friday August 5th

Day 2 – Saturday August 6th


At first I was a little daunted by it. ANOTHER conference, more schmoozing, more networking, blah, blah, blah. I seriously got really burned out on conferences this year because they were all so work focused that I couldn’t just relax and enjoy it.  I admit, I’ll get a LOT of work-relevant education and networking done, I just won’t have to work hard at it. And now that I am more mentally prepared, and more educated on it, I can’t wait! So if you’re going to BlogHer good luck finding me.  For once being a reasonably cute tech-savvy chic with bright red-hair is NOT a novelty at a conference I am attending Smile

~ Angela Dugan a.k.a OakParkGirl