Chicago Webgrrls Networking Meeting Coming July 22nd – Sign Up Early!

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Join Chicago Webgrrls for chapter launch evening of networking and connecting. Refreshments will be provided by the Creative Group.

Networking at Webgrrls meetings is very focused. After a brief topical discussion, everyone takes a minute or two to introduce themselves...tell us who you are and what you do and tell us what you NEED and what you can OFFER. The evening ends with an Informal networking, where everyone can connect more personally with the right people and exchange business cards, opportunities and leads.

Webgrrls Networking Meeting Agenda

Networking at Webgrrls meetings is very focused. The meeting will be run in the tradition of Webgrrls meetings, with the spirit of sharing and information exchange. Based on Webgrrls International philosophy the meeting will go like this:        

Webgrrls Introduce Themselves - The introduction time at Webgrrls meetings is the heart and soul of the event. Each woman stands up and talks the following:Let us know who you are!Brag, boast, stand up and cheer. This is your moment to let people know what you do because someone in the room might need to hire you, work with you, want to form a strategic alliance with you etc..Let us know what you NEED. Are you looking for a job? Webgrrls can help. Need a photographer for your web site? Webgrrls to the rescue! Wondering what classes to take to prep for that dream Webmaster job? Ask a Webgrrl.What you can OFFER. Maybe you are afraid you don't have anything to offer but even something as simple as French lessons or travel advice to Japan. You have knowledge that you can share. Maybe someday, you'll start that business and even have jobs to offer!       2.  Informal Networking - Don't forget to bring your business cards

You should walk out of the meeting with tangible support, advice, contacts, client prospects, job leads, and much more.

Event Cost: FREE for everyone

Join the group, and register for the free event here: 


Location: The Creative Group
205 N. Michigan,
Suite 3301
Chicago, IL 60601


Contact: Kelly Ragle 


PHONE: 312.350.1165 

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