CNUG March/April Meetings Announced - Mark Your Calendars!

March 19th 2008 Downers Grove Meeting

Microsoft Software Legend Rocky Lhotka will be presenting to CNUG on March 19th. Rocky will unveil CSLA 3.5 and more.

Registration will be done over multiple days starting on March 5th. Starting March 5th at Noon we will open up 25 spots per business day for 8 days.  Don't miss this chance to see Rocky live in person!


April 16th 2008 Downers Grove Meeting


CNUG Downers Grove
Sponsor: OpenMake Software

Date: Wednesday, February20th
Time: Pizza/discussion: 6:30, Presentations 7:00-9:00
Location: 3025 Highland Parkway, Suite 300 (Microsoft Office)

Topic 1: Mashup your Microsoft builds to support X-Language and X-Platform builds
Microsoft Visual Studio provides streamlined functionality of executing builds outside of the IDE using MSBuild. Because it is intended to support specifically Visual Studio, MSBuild's primary functionality is to support builds at the Solution Level, creating C#, and VB.Net objects. This presentation will show you how OpenMake Meister extends the functionality Visual Studio 2005 supporting the creation of multiple language and platform objects including Microsoft Visual Studio 6, VS Net (2003) as well as Java. In addition, you will learn how to build multiple solutions within the same build, tracking all solution inter-dependencies.

Topic 2: Presenting Silverlight 2.0


For more info, visit the official CNUG site today.  Registration details coming soon!


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