Cool Video of TeamSpec and TeamLook Now Available

I am not particularly endorsing one partner product over another, I just thought this was a really cool way to take advantage of 2 technologies used VERY heavily today in project development in conjunction with Team Foundation Server.  I consistently get asked by customers how they can leverage existing requirements documents written in Word with TFS without having to manually recreate all of their requirements as Work Items. 

Personify Design TeamLook™ extends Microsoft Outlook so that all stakeholders in a software project can communicate more effectively and gain accurate visibility into project status. TeamLook™ connects to Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server and enables users to view WorkItems, Reports, and other artifacts stored in their Visual Studio 2005 Team System installations. With constant synchronization TeamLook™ functions in a similar manner to other Microsoft Outlook features, reducing training costs and enabling organizations to realize immediate productivity gains.

Personify Design TeamSpec™ provides a rich project requirement management experience directly inside Microsoft Word. By making Team Foundation Server (TFS) project artifacts such as Scenarios, QOS Requirements, Risks, Issues, Bugs, Tasks, among others, first class citizens inside Microsoft Word, TeamSpec enables Application Lifecycle contributions by the Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Executive roles.

This is a great demo/video of both products in action: