February DevCares - Hackers and Office Development Take the Stage

Session 1: How Hackers Hack ... and How to Stop Them

Your website is under attack.  Constantly.  But do you know how it is being attacked?  More and more attackers today are attacking applications ... code issues in your web site ... rather than infrastructure issues. They are coming after you and your code.  Come learn about some of the most common methods hackers use today to attack your web applications and the exploits these attacks target.  Some of the exploits we’ll cover include insecure communications, cross-site scripting, injection flaws, cross-site request forgery, malicious file execution, and broken authentication and session management, just to name a few.  This session will provide you with an understanding of the hacker’s tactics and the methods you can take to defend your applications with Visual Studio and the .NET Framework.

Session 2: Building Office Applications with Visual Studio 2008

Take your end users’ productivity to a whole new level without locking yourself in your cubicle for weeks at a time.  Visual Studio 2008 makes it easier than ever to leverage the power of the Microsoft Office platform within your application.  We’ll demonstrate the many improvements that have been made to Visual Studio Tools for Office, and provide examples of how easy it is to take advantage of these tools directly within Visual Studio.  We’ll cover the SharePoint Workflow Tools, custom ribbon development, custom task pane development, and ClickOnce deployment options for Office Business Applications.

Cincinnati, OH – 2/08 Louisville, KY – 2/08 Chicago, IL – 2/12

Southfield, MI – 2/15 San Antonio, TX – 2/21 Indianapolis, IN – 2/26

Bloomington, MN – 2/28 Overland Park, KS – 2/28 Brookfield, WI – 2/28

Downers Grove, IL – 2/28 St. Louis, MO – 2/28 Columbus, OH – 2/29

Austin, TX – 2/29 Dallas, TX – 2/29

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