Girls in Tech Chicago Meets Again in November!

Now before you go running off thinking, “wait, I’m not a developer, or some crazy computer hacker, this doesn’t apply to me!” ask yourself:

  • Do I use a computer, or want to, at my job?
  • Do I have a passion for technology, whether it is programming SQL databases or using Twitter on my mobile phone for social networking?
  • Am I female? OK, really men are welcome too so that’s a joke, but now you’re paying attention Smile
  • Do I know any women (including yourself) who might benefit from networking with smart, technically savvy women?
  • Do I need, or do I want to mentor someone looking to enter a technology related field, or simply expand their current skill-set?
  • Does my job have anything to do with: digital marketing, application/security architecture, design, user experience, project management, quality assurance, database management/design, infrastructure, technical recruiting, and yes, even programming. I probably left some out but as you can see we are not a narrowly scoped group here!

If you answered yes to ANY of the above questions, you will love this group!  This time around we will be talking about Imagine Cup! Think of it as nerd Olympics, and instead of throwing javelins and running, you are designing websites, writing code, and thinking of great new applications and products!  Learn more about this great event, and how you can help us spread the word! 

Girls in Tech Chicago – November 2010 Mixer

This social event will take place at Microsoft Corporation at the Aon Center in downtown Chicago on Thursday November 4th from 6:00pm to 8:30pm.  Registration is ABSOLUTELY necessary since the Aon Center security desk requires me to provide a list ahead of time to even let you in the door.  I know, I don't make the rules, so please make sure to sign up at least 12 hours before the event begins.  You don't have to be on time, so feel free to join us at any point in the evening. 

On the agenda is an introduction to the annual Imagine Cup event with one of our Academic Evangelists, time for networking with other professionals in various technical fields, and open discussion.  There is a possibility we will have one of the coolest sponsors EVER, I'm working on setting that up so stay tuned to find out who it is!  Seriously, I'm so excited you have no idea :) 

Please do remember that this is not about writing code, or specifically being a programmer. Anyone interested in technology of ANY kind, be it design, digital marketing, databases, web design, or even just a computer hobbyist in a related field is welcome.  Tell your friends, bring your sisters, daughters, mothers, all are welcome, even the ones with Y chromosomes!  If you haven't already, be sure to check us out on Facebook and LinkedIn for great discussions and a chance to connect with some truly talented people.

Be sure to register here: