Great Article on Using TFS to Create a Robust Dev Environment

I just ran across a great article in Dr Dobb's Portal written by Stephen Rylander, a peer of mine at CDW in the Northwestern suburbs of Chicago.  In this article, Stephen shares his experiences around adopting TFS, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  OK, so it's mostly good, but I really like that phrase :)  I think he describes it best:

"In this article, I present strategies and insights for source-code management, build automation, and human factors—including tips on how to handle significant project change, regardless of platform. You won't find the theoretical here. Instead, I present real-world pragmatic practices that have worked. "

I think what I like most about this article is that is addresses the issues that almost every one of my customers, past co-workers and friends deal with every day while building software.  Stephen uses real examples from his own experiences at CDW to tackle topics like true source control management, continuous integration, build management, automation, managing platform change and quite possibly the biggest challenge of all - managing resistance to change in both your development community as well as management, and the social challenges that inevitably follow adopting on a full-blown Application Management Tool like VSTS.

Check it out here, and if you have experiences of your own you'd like to share, let us know.  I love to hear about how VSTS has changed your life!  Well, changed your job if nothing else.

~Stephen is a software engineer at CDW focusing on web scalability and best practices. He is also a founder of the Chicago Architects Group and can be reached at

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