Live Webcast with Clint and Zain! The Ultimate Guide to Visual Studio 2010: Coding Debugging, Modeling, Testing, Building and Deployment

The Ultimate Guide to Visual Studio 2010 - Coding, Debugging, Modeling, Testing, Building and Deployment

When: November 9, 2011 1:00pm – 4:00pm (CST) -- Register Here

Visual Studio 2010 is packed with new and enhanced features to help you create the best code possible and simplify your entire development process from design to deployment. Microsoft experts will show off the powerful new tools that Visual Studio 2010 brings to your tool box.


Essential Tips for the Professional Developer. Most of us use Visual Studio but do we really know how to USE it?  We will show you the top tips and tricks that can jet propel your use of the IDE.  Marvel at the simple editor features that you never think about and the advanced power tools you can use to improve your programming experience and productivity.

Power Tools for the Master Craftsman. Has your code base developed a mind of its own? Is it in need a heavy dose of refactoring but you don’t know where to start? We will start with a look at Code Metrics, a set of industry measures that help developers identify potential risks and uncover code that should be reworked or more thoroughly tested. We will also show you how to use Code Analysis to analyze entire assemblies for commonly encountered programming and design errors. And let’s not forget our databases. We will walk through the powerful new change management, data quality management, and deployment tools for databases that help us maintain the ever elusive one version of the truth.

Blueprints for a Long and Happy Lifecycle. Whether you’re creating new solutions or enhancing existing applications, you need to consider their entire life cycle to truly achieve your business goals. We will take a look at the new modeling tools for understanding and communicating your system’s architecture, eliminating those nasty “no repro” bugs using IntelliTrace™, and streamlining your development pipeline to ensure quality results from design to deployment.

Key Experiences:

· Visual Studio Productivity Power Pack

· Visual Studio Feature Pack

· Code Metrics

· Code Analysis

· Database Management & Deployment

· Architecture Discovery

· Architecture Modeling & Design with UML

· Architecture Validation

· IntelliTrace

· Build Customization & Gated Check-in

· Branch Visualization & Merging

· Methodology & Process Selection



Zain Naboulsi has been working with the latest Microsoft technologies as a consultant and trainer since 1995. He currently works on the Visual Studio Tips and Tricks series, helping developers reach their full coding potential. He also created Online Community Evangelism - an effort to build communities in virtual places like LinkedIn, Facebook, and elsewhere.  He is not only a proponent of the community aspect of online environments but also is a supporter of the myriad business applications that these new mediums offer.

Clint Edmonson has been developing software with Microsoft technologies for the last 18 years, working on everything from custom shrink-wrapped software at small startups to enterprise architecture and methodology adoption at fortune 500 companies. He is currently an Architect Evangelist in Microsoft’s North Central District, helping companies understand Microsoft’s latest developer and platform offerings and helping them develop strategic roadmaps for their adoption. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri and is the host of