Microsoft ArcREADY – Service Lifecycle Management

Addressing the Challenges of the Provider/Consumer Relationship

While many organizations are starting to benefit from Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), many are now challenged with efficiently scaling the number of services provided and the number of consumers supported through their current approach and implementations.  These organizations are starting to recognize the profound need for capabilities provided through service lifecycle management to help them address these challenges.

The Enterprise SOA Solutions team together with the Central Region Architect Evangelists will take a look at how organizations can attain a higher level of value from SOA through the development of a service lifecycle management strategy.  We will look at the end-to-end service lifecycle, from service design, development, and deployment to versioning and retirement as well as the significance of infrastructure elements, such as repositories, registries, and intermediaries to facilitate and coordinate those stages.

This talk will also expose the impact this paradigm has on the culture and organizational makeup of IT departments.


Architects and Senior Developers who are interested in becoming an architect.


Events are held in 14 cities across Central Region. 


9:00am – 11:45am  (Continental Breakfast will be provided)

2/04 Columbus, OH 2/05 Cleveland, OH 2/06 Detroit, MI

2/18 Kansas City, MO 2/18 Austin, TX 2/19 Milwaukee, WI

2/20 St. Louis, MO 2/20 Chicago, IL 2/21 Minneapolis, MN

2/21 Indianapolis, IN 2/22 Houston, TX 3/03 Dallas, TX

3/03 Cincinnati, OH 3/04 Nashville, TN

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